A/V performance

Mannheim (DE), 2018

Peter Hinz – composer, performer
Dominik Fürstberger – composer, performer, sound design
Michele Ciccimarra – composer, performer
Nicola Pisanti and Antonio Pipolo – live visuals, stage design, sensor system, light design
Éric Trottier – choreographic assistance

production: Stadt Manhheim, Ein Tanz House
executive production: Synchron


Synchron is a multimedia music performance created by composers Michele Ciccimarra, Peter HinzDominik Fürstberger and visual artists Antonio Pipolo, Nicola Pisanti (collettivocaleido) with the choreographic assistance of Éric Trottier. The project developed during a creative residency program hosted by EinTanzHouse,(DE) and was produced in partnership with the Municipality of Mannheim (DE).

The idea of the project is realized inside the binomial of synchrony and asynchrony in performance’s execution and how it reflect the movement of the bodies and the perception of the space in eviday life. During the days of the residency we developed the performance as a flow of improvvisation elements, playing with them in order to create a certain kind of aesthethic of “falling synesthesya” .

The composition that came out is a contemporary music piece for three drummers who fuse together worldwide sounds, instrument tradition and electronic music. In the performance the rhythms of the drummers oscillate around a prefixed structure continously following it and breaking it down over time.


Photo credit: Christian Kleiner
Audio-reactive particles
Dmx fixtures controlled by piezo sensors
Video Promo

In order to deal with the big amount of data we wanted to extract from the sound and the movements of the performers we decided to wrote a custom software in openFrameworks able to recive audio inputs, piezo sensors data and even phone accelerometer data in order to control projected visuals and dmx fixtures properly.

The program let us trigger transitions between different graphics for different sections and let us control some visual and light parameters using midi controllers. The visuals were both generated by code or made with prerecorded stop-motion photographies (also processed live with GLSL shaders). The piezo sensor system is a open source project you can find here.

Software interface
Traking tool for stopmotion footage