Montecassiano (IT), 2015

Antonio Pipolo – concept, artwork

Client: Zandagruel
production: collettivocaleido
Hosted by: Svincolando Festival

Curated by: Michele Gentili
Partner: Comune di Montecassiano
Credit: Bonobo – Sapphire (promo audio track)

(un)Closet is A pop-up installation created for the XI edition of Svincolando Festival of arts in in Montecassiano (MC).
The project was curated by Michele Gentili and realized thanks to the contribution of Municipality of Montecassiano. The installation is an attempt to provide a contemporary representation of the iconography of the small rural towns of the Italian in-land.
Some clothing, donated by the local population, were placed on the wall of one of the abandoned buildings of the village.
The point was to provide a lifeful imagery of the villages through the symbolism of those small domestic gestures that have always characterized the small communities.